It works! (Re: Troubleshooting the disk drives in a 8296D)

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2004-12-06 19:31:19

Hallo Nicolas,

> The other connector, P3, which goes to the logic board, is connected 
> somewhat weird, because it wasn't meant to be used with a ribbon cable, but 
> with a direct plug. It's this way in the 8250LP, where the analog board 
> sits between the two drives, under the logic board. So the ribbon cable is 
> split into two and there are two single row connectors at the analog board. 
> Just make sure the red cable goes to pin 1 on both ends.

Hmm, I didn't dare to touch this connector yet.  On the original board, the
two single-row connectors are very probably misconnected.

The red cable goes to pin 16!  That connector has been turned 180 degrees:
the wires running to the other connector are not twisted.  There are small
"winglets" on the ends of both connectors.  On the connector on Ruud's
board, these winglets are pointing down on the lower row (containing pins 1-15)
and up on the upper row (containing pins 16-30).  On the original board,
the winglets are pointing down on both rows.  I wonder what a previous owner
of the computer has been (th|dr)inking.  First he connects the cables wrong
and then bends the circuit board so that it breaks in two halves.

Oh well, forget this!

Maybe it helped to remove and reseat the 6530 daughter board (and break and
replace its GND pin while doing that).  The only other explanation
(that P4/P5 or P1/P2 were swapped) shouldn't hold water, because I think
I tried all combinations before.

Now it does the familiar blink on all three LEDs simultaneously.  Previously,
it seemed that the drives were swapped.  Both drives work now (I tested with
diR and one disk).

Many thanks to everyone!  Vielen Dank, Nicolas!


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