Re: Troubleshooting the disk drives in a 8296D

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2004-12-05 22:55:17

On Sun, Dec 05, 2004 at 04:40:26PM -0500, Matthew W. Miller wrote:
> We've seen quite a bit of MS-Windows geekery lately, so now let's have
> some UN*X geekery. :)
> Assuming I patched the binary correctly as indicated by your diff, there
> is indeed a match:
> firmware/drives/old/8050/d/8250romfdc-fc00

Thanks for double-checking.  I forgot to check that directory until I
actually read the part number on the circuit board and searched for it
in /pub/cbm/firmware/ALLFILES.

BTW, I used the following command, which probably only works with the
GNU versions of tail and diff:
tail +3c 8250romfdc-fc00 | diff - 251474-01b.bin


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