Re: dtv batteries

From: David Wood (
Date: 2004-11-30 01:26:10

I think the biggest issue is the voltage.

Alkaline (standard) batteries provide 1.5v each, delivering 6v in 4's.
rechargables (ni-cad and ni-mh) only provide 1.2v each, giving you 4.8v.

The DTV runs on 3.3v, and the regulator inside it needs some overhead for
voltage drop.  I dont know if 4.8v provides enough overhead for the regulator.

At any rate, the DTV does run for quite some time on a set of standard AA's
I hear..  Perhaps you could get some rechargeable alkalines?


On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, Brenda wrote:

> I just got my DTV on Nov 29 at around 11am. (QVC estimate was December 1.)
> The instructions specifically warn multiple times not to use rechargeable
> batteries. Is this due to the fact that they do not give as long of a life as
> standard batteries or is there really some danger in using rechargeables?
> I don't want to have to use standard batteries due to the cost but I also don't
> want to harm my DTV.
> thanks,
> Brenda
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