Re: Creating a Commodore DVD

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2004-11-18 14:45:35

Hi Craig,

> Let's not look at a "DVD" initially per se' - but rather let's subdivide 
> the lists that people provide into a hierarchy which at some point will 
> be apportioned to the DVD. I really think they'll be more than 1 single 
> DVD of content available. Having a centralized (initially private) ftp 
> site available with a mailing list to coordinate among the group would 
> be good.
> At some point it might also be a good idea to have different 
> coordinators for different sections of the hierarchy that would be 
> responsible for inspecting the files and moving them into the "OK" 
> directory.

I agree with both points.

> >What IMHO is more important is the (HTML-) archiving/describing of
> >everything as is done with Funet. You can start with the goodies you have
> >yourself. But to avoid double work the participators first have to send a
> >list containing the stuff they have. IMHO directory listings will do for 
> >the
> >moment.
> > 
> >
> I'd recommend that the HTML formatting of the DVD be looked at as a 
> concurrent project. I think the actual archiving is more valuable than 
> the HTMLizing of stuff. Having a coordinator for each hierarchy will 
> help avoid "double-work" htmlizing lists.

Producing metadata is at least as important as testing and sorting the
contents of the archive.  Maybe it would be a good idea to define the
format of the metadata first.  Of course, the format can be extensible,
but some things should be described for each document whenever possible.
I'm thinking of data like the following:

- name(s) and origin(s) of author(s)
- publisher
- publication date
- hardware dependencies (e.g., needs joystick and disk drive)
- short description
- long description

All sorts of lists could be produced from such metadata.  In FUNET's
CBM archive, the descriptions are free-format text in files called 00INDEX
in each directory.  Two Perl scripts generate the HTML documents from that

I don't think that HTML is a suitable format for collecting the metadata,
unless the HTML is kept very simple and edited only with text editors.


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