Re: the mailing list now has an official home page
Date: 2004-11-11 15:40:39

Zitat von MagerValp <>:

> Since the new server appears to work well (right?), I made a small
> homepage for the list. If you have information about the list, please
> update it to refer to the new location (, and consider
> putting a link to
> on the page. If you put the subscription or list address on a webpage
> somewhere, please obfuscate it using &#64; instead of the @ (or
> something like that). It helps keep the spam levels down.

I know this is offtopic, but would anyone mind to put my schematics 
of "8kernals/8modules" on that homepage? 
The schematic is on utopia (ftp site) in the misc/ dir somewhere :-) ... 

I just installed my schematics in one old c-64 and it works fine. You can now 
select between 8 Kernals and 8 Modules, which are independant of each other. 

In order to get this to run on C-64-II, C-64-G etc. you need to feed the !BASIC-
Chipselect signal to Strobe of the 74LS157 and you need to burn the BASIC eprom 
(a000-bfff) into area 10000-11fff of the 27c1001 eprom. This means you should 
never select Kernal #0 , because then the basic area will be mapped to e000-
ffff. But you can select the other 7 kernals just fine.


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