RE: Announce: cbm4win version 0.11

From: Luca Di Pasquale (
Date: 2004-11-09 11:11:23

Hi all!

I can't understand Ruud.

I really appreciate SC and all the features it offers, but I have WinXP and
the transfer procedure with SC is painful, to say the least: you must have a
FAT partition available, copy the files you want to transfer to the FAT
partition, stop all the things you were doing in background (sigh!), restart
the pc in dos mode and finally start transferring. If you forget anything or
just realize you want to copy a few more things, you have to restart your
pc, go back to windows and start the same procedure again... Aaargh!

Meanwhile I have started playing with CBM4WIN and I think it kicks ass! I
only transferred 4 or 5 disk images and it worked perfectly. It's quick,
reliable and can be started in a dos box in WinXP. In a word, great! ;-)
I only had troubles transferring single files, but I have to check this

Keep up the good work, it's appreciated!


> Hallo Spiro,
> > Any positive or negative feedback is welcome! ;-)
> - I'm very happy with Star Commander
> - SC can run on an old laptop I have, NT/XP cannot
> - If I have to use Windows, I use Win98SE which is not supported yet
> - W98SE can start up in DOS mode, NT/XP cannot
> I'm sorry, only negative feedback but then you have at least an idea why
> people do NOT download CBM4WIN.
> Hmmmm...., CBM4LINUX, CBM4WIN, why not a CBM4DOS? (or has it a graphical
> interface? Sorry but I'm so happy with SC that I even didn't snif at other
> products)

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