From: David Wood (
Date: 2004-11-01 02:21:13

Okay I'll bite. :)

it's a 4AM invention, but the concepts are there. ;-)

I agree with screen clearing btw.  Two things would help tremendously:
First, clearing the screen quickly is a must.  I'd consider setting up a
rectangle fill in hardware if possible, or just a memory fill if not.
Second, double buffering would be nice so that data can be drawn offscreen.
We all like this of course.


On Sun, 31 Oct 2004, Steve Judd wrote:

> Hey Hatch,
> Want to know one of the more time-consuming operations in 3D graphics?
> Clearing the screen.  No matter how fast of a plotting algorithm I have,
> it still takes at least 8*40*25*4=32000 cycles to clear a full screen --
> about two frames.  If you had a way to instantly clear out a section of
> memory...
> As to organization, vertical organization is preferred for any plotting.
> That's why people use charmaps.  That is, if you can simply ldy ycoord
> then algorithms become simpler.
> You can add bitplanes if you want, but they'll be useful mostly for static
> graphics (or very small graphic areas).  Forget chunky modes.  The reason
> is that you just can't push much data around at 1MHz.
> The biggest problem you'll run into?  Finding someone to program the
> thing!  But it sounds like a fun hardware project!
> cu,
> -Steve
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