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Date: 2004-10-23 22:42:03

Just a short note... Hársfalvi is my lastname... so, just in case you 
intended to call me by my firstname, you should call me "Levente" ;-).

Many apologies. The last_name first_name thing is hard to discern from 

> The 10 cycles delay is introduced by the 10k resistor. I used it 
> mainly for safety reasons and compatibility (the 1351 had 5.1k, but 
> due to the 5717's outputs having greater resistance than the PIC16c84 
> outputs, I raised it to 10k to meet similar delay in overall). Though, 
> I haven't investigated this further. In theory, you could completely 
> omit the resistor; after that move, the minimum value (read from the 
> SID registers) is a function of

I tried that last night, but if the resistance is < 3k, the 
uController's ability to source is more powerful than the SID's ability 
to sink, so no falling edge is seen, so the unit does not work.  
However, at 3k, I can get down to "4".

> Actually, you could use the Atmega8's internal RC oscillator (in case 
> you're experimenting with a 'mega8 ).

I have one here, but was using a 16 for initial tests.  However, I'll 
try the 8 I have.

> The biggest problem -- if I'm correct -- won't be the protocol itself, 
> but the interference with keyboard activity. ...But I may as well be 
> wrong in this.

My protocol idea assumes you don't scan the keyboard rows during the 
time you request raw data.


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