Re: diRu10,d0

From: Craig Taylor (
Date: 2004-09-28 14:54:59

Raymond C. Bryan wrote:

>> I'm using a BASIC program to test all kind of functions of CBM-HD. At 
>> the
>> moment I'm testing the ability to handle subdirectories. For this 
>> reason I
>> want to use the DIRECTORY command as this command doesn't cause the 
>> CBM to
>> overwrite the PRG as a LOAD"$",10 would do. To be able to use the 
>> program
>> for more then one device, I set a variable in line 1: U=10. If I need to
>> test things for device 11, I only have to change line 1. The problem 
>> however
>> is that I have no idea how to use this variable in combination with the
>> DIRECTORY command. 'directoryu10,d0' does work, 'directoryu u,d10' 
>> does not.
> Its been along time since Fred Bowen showed me but my recall is that 
> you put the u in to () as
> diR on u(u),d0.
> --Ray

This would match what the BASIC parser routine for expressions usually 
does - any time it needs to grab a number it calls the EVAL(?) routine 
and hence ()'s are also valid. You should be able to do the same thing 
with the d - eg, d(d).

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