From: Greg King (
Date: 2004-09-09 19:52:43

From: Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud); on Date: September 09, 2004, at 04:53
AM -0400
> Having had some good help from Spiro, I thought it was time
> to shift my brain into a higher gear. And, I got this:
> M-R and M-W both have an option to tell how many bytes I want
> to read/write.
> ...
> More worrying is the fact that I only can write up to 34 bytes at a time.
> Is the computer to blame, or is the drive? In the case of CBM-HD,
> I even didn't know what to do with this number; at this moment,
> I keep on storing bytes until I get an EOI or an ATN. Hmmm,
> I can adjust my test program a bit, and see what the effect is
> on a real drive:  I'll write more bytes then actually planned,
> and then will read back the contents.

Unlike in other commands, M-W's data is a part of the command.  So, it must
go through the command-buffer which has a limit of approximately 40 bytes
(40 - 6 = 34).  If you try to send more than that, then you will get back
an error message that says that your command is too long.

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