RE: ProLogic DOS + Pascal compiler

From: Nils Andreas (
Date: 2004-09-02 09:33:18

Hi Nick, hi List

I contacted the Author of Prologic Dos in Feb. and...
the complete instructions.
but bad luck for you: in german...
but i think ruud was  also interested.

have fun with it.

On Tue, 6 Jan 2004 wrote:
> Last week I received a complete system with ProLogic DOS installed. FYI:
> this is a parallel floppy speeder.
> [COPLIN, Nicholas.]
> I know nothing about this system - but would be interested to know if it is
> similar to the SpeedDOS and DophinDOS systems which require a modified 1541
> and a cable to the Userport.... or is it something different?

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