RE: CBM-HD (2)

From: Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) (
Date: 2004-08-26 15:34:58

Hallo Nick,

I have had some thoughts about the 16 MB disk.

> CBMDISK can read the main directory,

I think this is a program written for the C64/128? Can I expect it to work
on a PET/CBM? Don't think so.

In 1999 a 16 MB disk could have worked out well but nowadays ???? The only
reason why I support it is the way I programmed CBM-HD: I use parameters
that describe a drive making 90% of the software independant of the drive.
My 16 MB disk is just another type of drive.....

But having an old 1 GB disk at my disposal, 16 MB is a laugh; I haven't
enough devicenumbers available to cover all partitions!. That's why I
started to implement two more drive types: DOS and CDOS. DOS uses the PC's
original file structure as so. Unfortunately one is bounded to the 8.3
filenaming. I wish I could use the long filenames of W98 but haven't found
out how to do it yet (or better: even haven't found the time to read all the
articles I downloaded about this subject). CDOS is meant to circumvent that
in a dirty way: I use a table that holds track of the C= name and the real
Disadvantage: (C)DOS cannot handle commands like B-W, B-R and other
track/sector related commands. 

Question for all: with the exception of diskeditors and copiers, for what
can these commands be used? 

The reason I ask this is to find out if I still need to implement it in one
or another way. I can think of one thing: to edit a file in the dirty way,
like using DEBUG under DOS. But then I would end up with something like
'read sector XXX from file <name>'. But the I still haven't any idea how to
put a 1 GB disk into an ancient track/sector mechanism. 
Comments are very welcome.

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