Re: more serial woe

From: Christopher Phillips (
Date: 2004-08-25 11:23:19

On 27 Jul 2004, at 19:42, Groepaz wrote:
(and I just received last night!)
> look at it again :o) if you want to use the data channel 2, then
> use it :o)

um, yeah, got that now :)

Next question - when working the job queue, is there any point doing a 
SEEK ($B0) before a READ ($80)?

I removed all the seeks from the loader in Effluvium while trying to 
get the time down, and it didn't seem to break anything (not that it 
seemed to change the loading time).  Biggest speed improvement I got in 
the last 24 hours before LCP was from defaulting the track and sector 
for the next block to being the one chained from the block just read, 
instead of having to do a M-W from the c64 for each block.

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