Re: RS-232 on VIC-20

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2004-08-25 02:46:57

Christian Johansson wrote:

>[CJ] There's only one problem with this. The figures above are taken from a
>listing for C64/C128 and NOT for the VIC-20. The original poster of this
>thread wondered how to modify the routine for the VIC-20 but I'm more
>interested in how to modify the routine for getting 4800 bps on the C128
>(which should be possible if you use 2 MHz I think).
Yes, I did.

BTW, I used NT9.5 to tweak the numbers to get 4800 bps on the 64 at 1MHz

Check out the 4800 bps postings on c.s.c., as I forget the numbers off 
the top of my head.

I did not exhaustively test them, just tweaked until I did not get 
buffer or framing errors.


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