Re: A way to freeze a PET

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2004-08-12 12:01:13

Hi Ruud,

> Maybe I'm telling nothing news at all but I found a way to freeze my 8296D
> completely by accident.

As far as I remember, the same bug (not terminating the linked list of
BASIC lines) will hang later Commodore models as well.

> What makes things weird is that the CBM displays 'ready.' and then freezes.
> I can accept a situation where the screen shows 'loading' and then freezes
> or a program that won't start or behaves weird but displaying 'ready.' and
> then nothing ????

I agree, that sounds a bit weird.

> What I do miss in these kind of occasions is the RUN/STOP-RESTORE
> combination of the C64. 

On the PET, at least the NMI line is available.  (By the way, will it trigger
the machine language monitor?)  On the plus/4, you're really out of luck.


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