Re: JiffyDOS and the 1541-II Drive

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2004-07-12 18:49:59

Jack wrote:
> In any case, I have anther JD equipped 1541-II coming in soon. It does
> have a switch and I'll compare both JD chips.  The only reason I'm
> buying used Jiffydos drives from other sources is because there are so
> many reports Maurice is not delivering.  

I did the following: I have a C128DCR equipped with SCPU128, RL, and FD2000 
(all bought used on Ebay and alike), and I wanted to have the internal 1571 
be JD, too. Maybe one or two years ago when it was still possible to get 
something from Maurice I ordered this chip, but I ran a "backup" in the drive 
until I received the real chip after some months. I never bothered to burn a 
"backup" or buy a chip for the C64 or C128 mode, though, since both the RL 
and SCPU already have a copy, and usually at least one of them can be active 
without breaking compatibility with a program or game I want to load.


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