Re: 1MHz/20MHz

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2004-07-08 01:33:07

Steve Judd wrote:

>Hola MV,
>>If you need software to run slower, why not insert a delay loop?
>Totally for what it's worth, I have this vague recollection from when the
>SCPU came out that games like Elite which ran too fast at 20MHz ran just
>great at 4MHz.
>Not arguing with any engineering descisions that have been made... just
>sharing some wistful memories.
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And I would agree with this position.  It is not always possible to 
insert delay loops in.  Code might be too tight already, and who wants 
to ship multiple versions of the same app, with and without delays inserted?

Given the idea of a "reconfigurable computer" and the focus of offering 
it to the educational community as well as the retro community, it seems 
appropos that it offer a way to slow the clock way down.  When I was 
teaching beginning computer design classes, sometimes slowing down the 
clock to near DC was the only way the students could grok what was going 


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