Re: sx-64 pal ntsc??

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2004-07-01 20:22:05

matt wrote:

> hi all, are the sx-64 out there? are they  pal? ntsc? 110v or 220v (ac) .
> i'm trying to get one??

They are available in PAL, NTSC, 110V and 220V. Mostly you get a PAL 220V 
model if you buy it in Europe, and it's NTSC 110V in North America.

> if it is ntsc, can i change the VIC and mod the monitor and power supply??

You better forget about this. The power supply alone is very complicated, 
it's a primary switcher, and I had a very hard time repairing one that had 
been severely damaged by an attempt to make a conversion from 110V to 220V! 
Buy a 220V to 110V converter, it's the better way to run the machine. And 
while the C64 part itself is relatively easy to convert to PAL, the monitor 
is not. So better keep the device in its original video mode.


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