Re: Device to hook up a 64 keyboard to the PC.

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2004-06-26 09:18:31

Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> :( I and some others are more interested in the PS/2 version.  
> Now I can do two things:
> - using a microcontroller, I have an Atmel in mind, but I never ever
> programmed one before in my life

This was something I was going to do anyway, so I sat down this 
afternoon with an Atmel AVR and the description of the AT/PS2 keyboard 
protocol, along with my VIC-20 keyboard.

It's 2AM here, but I have bi-directional data on PC side, and a 
rudimentary VIC/64 keyboard scanning routine in place.  Works pretty 
well.  Need to add neat things like repeat, all the special keys, and 
reprogrammability.  Oh, and joysticks would be OK as well...

Any interest?

I'm not familiar with the 8296D keyboard, but it should be easy to 
modify the matrix scan routine to do any row/col keyboard.

Solution is single IC (ATMEGA32, but ATMEGA16 would work fine), with 2 
caps and 1 crystal (well, and PS2 cable...)

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