Re: CommodoreWorld

From: Groepaz (
Date: 2004-06-21 11:32:37

On Monday 21 June 2004 11:12, Peter Karlsson wrote:
> Groepaz:
> > (what cracker would be stupid enough to try to enforce his rights and
> > admit breaking the law -as in cracking the software- at the same
> > time...)
> The act of cracking isn't (wasn't) necessarily against the law. And
> even (limited) spreading was allowed in some areas back in the days, so
> not all the cracks are illegal.

true :) actually a lot of the early cracks might be completely legal, at
least in terms of "local" laws. (in netherlands for example there wasnt
any software related copyright law for quite a while - hence the meetings
took place in venlo :=P)

> Not that I think that any of the crackers would object to having their
> intros distributed even more, though :-)

no, but i would think they'd hate to see their cracks with the intros
removed :=)


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