Re: CommodoreWorld

From: Groepaz (
Date: 2004-06-19 11:42:46

On Friday 18 June 2004 20:11, Bo Zimmerman wrote:
> In your example, you mention someone who inherits an orchard and discovers
> people have been picking from it.  Wouldn't a better example be someone who
> inherits the orchard, and then sits in a rocking chair indifferently while
> people pick fruit from it for 10 years?
> If so, I wonder how/whether, under the common law, some rights were not
> lost through this negligence to enforce their rights.

thats a very good point. you indeed loose your right if you didnt enforce
them for a reasonable amount of time. take a look at first star software
for example, and how they are enforcing their rights on "boulder dash".
not because they dislike hobbieist' boulderdash clones, but because they
dont want to risk loosing the rights to their IP.


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