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From: Craig LeVay (
Date: 2004-06-18 21:09:02

Bryan, Bo and Company,
  Here in the United States we have had some interesting cases about logos
and intellectual property as of late.  The big one has been perpetuated by
the Union Pacific Railroad Company towards of all people model railroad
manufacturers (some that are one to ten men operations).
  It concerns the logo of not only the present Union Pacific Railroad
Company, but also the company is trying to enforce a marketing agreement
with all these small manufacturers and publishers of not only its PRESENT
day logo and paint scheme but PREVIOUS companies it had taken over by
purchase, merger, etc. and the logos/paints schemes of those roads are
long out of use (Fallen Flags is the common term).  Several makers of
Union Pacific models will not longer offer these models in that paint
scheme and the Model Railroad Industrial trade association is telling
members just to just having do anything with Union Pacific.
  Whether they can force on websites or small software writers the yoke of
a licensing agreement (i.e. money to Tulip/Ironstone) is open for doubt,
but seeing they have more lawyers in their corner, I think the effect
would close down any Commodore market for the independent hobbyist or
software writer.
  This whole thing smells fishy from the start with no mention if this new
equipment would interface with older lagacy C= (oops, may not be able to
say that in the future, either).

My two cents as a still somewhat daily C= user,

Craig LeVay

On Fri, 18 Jun 2004, Bryan Pope wrote:

> And thusly Bo Zimmerman spake:
> >
> Hey Bo!
> > In your example, you mention someone who inherits an orchard and discovers
> > people have been picking from it.  Wouldn't a better example be someone who
> > inherits the orchard, and then sits in a rocking chair indifferently while
> > people pick fruit from it for 10 years?
> Or they just noticed that now there seems to be a lot of people picking
> fruit from the orchard and a dollar sign appeared over their head...
> Cheers,
> Bryan Pope

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