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Date: 2004-06-18 12:38:28

>>>>> "RB" == Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) <> writes:

RB> As some of you already know, yesterday the new Commodore presented
RB> itself to the world. I was invited as well to speak to the
RB> community as one of the users. I felt awfull when on stage :(

It was really good to see you there though - inviting you means that
they at least care about the existing community.

RB> Most important thing: I have spoken with the top of Tulip and
RB> Commodore, four men. One thing we have discussed are the sites
RB> like FUNET and ARNOLD, sites that archive ROMs and games.
RB> Regarding the games, utilities and other non-system-ROMs they were
RB> clear: they considered that as there legal property and as they
RB> wanted to make money with it, they would protect these rights. And
RB> with reason, see later.

The phrase "biting the hand that feeds you" springs to mind. The only
reason there is a living C= brand that they can profit from is because
we have kept it alive, with hardware expansions, emulators, and
"illegal" software.

RB> The bad news: it will a single chip ASIC. I only forgot to ask him
RB> if the ROM with OS and games were inside the ASIC or apart.

Having it inside the ASIC would make it more or less impossible to
produce a 2nd device with different games, so that wouldn't make

RB> - Regarding the extra features: they want to publish the memorymap
RB> and other technical details so programmers are able to develop new
RB> games etc. for this new C64.

It's going to take a more open attitude from their side if they want
anyone to embrace it. Making the ROMs unavailable, effectively making
legal use of VICE a hassle, wouldn't exactly charm a lot of develop-

RB> This C64-joystick is the reason they want to protect their legal
RB> rights about the games. But they also want to stimulate the old
RB> community to develop programs for this new C64, the community that
RB> has thrived on the availability of ROMs and other information. And
RB> you won't be making friends by taking away that where those
RB> friends are thriving on :)


RB> Another point is the makers of hardware like Maurice Randall but
RB> also people like Markus Brenner and the Czechs who produce the
RB> IDE64. Particulary those who produce hardware that is to be
RB> connected to the userport or expansionport. I didn't realise it
RB> but these ports are intellectual properties of Commodore as well.
RB> So actually anyone building hardware for these ports has to pay C=
RB> a fee as well.

And this is absolute bollocks. The information was published by C=
back in 1982 without any restrictions, and if any patents covered it
they have expired by now.

RB> - sites publishing games and related software owned by Commodore
RB> have to remove it.

The important part here being "owned by Commodore". Out of those 6000
games, is that even 100?

PS: Ruud, of course none of this criticism is directed towards you!

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