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Date: 2004-06-18 12:28:24

On Friday 18 June 2004 11:29, Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) wrote:

> Most important thing: I have spoken with the top of Tulip and Commodore,
> four men. One thing we have discussed are the sites like FUNET and ARNOLD,
> sites that archive ROMs and games. Regarding the games, utilities and other
> non-system-ROMs they were clear: they considered that as there legal
> property and as they wanted to make money with it, they would protect these
> rights. And with reason, see later.

i find that point very funny. they own rights to all and every c64 game?
sorry but thats more than ridiculous. i dont even think they own the
right to the c64 roms, or any other software for that matter.

> A small problem is that they want to sell or include an emulator with one
> of their products. But they realise that the community as it is now
> probably is not waiting for their emulator as there are some very good ones
> available for free. With this emulator they have a reason to forbid
> publishing systemROMs as wel but.....

...they cant do it because they are talking BS :o)

> - The ASIC runs on 27 MHz. I hardly can imagine it needs 27 cycles to
> emulate one of the original C64.

it damn sure does, except the hardware is an exact copy of that of an c64.
(but then again, you wouldnt need to emulate anything at all)

> Another point is the makers of hardware like Maurice Randall but also
> people like Markus Brenner and the Czechs who produce the IDE64.
> Particulary those who produce hardware that is to be connected to the
> userport or
> expansionport. I didn't realise it but these ports are intellectual
> properties of Commodore as well. So actually anyone building hardware for
> these ports has to pay C= a fee as well.

thats also complete BS. every connecter present on the c64 is an industry
standard in some way. hell, even the IEE bus is one.

also, even IF those ports where their "intellectual property" you could
still legally reverse engineer them and make hardware that connects to it.


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