Re: Interface progress and issues

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2004-06-16 03:54:24

>The LISTEN, UNLISTEN, TALK, and UNTALK functions send EOI and flush the
>buffer, if there is a byte waiting in it.  You stopped that act when you
>disabled UNTALK/UNLISTEN.  CLOSE and the second OPEN worked because you
>didn't disable TALK/LISTEN.  So, your idea that EOI is the trigger probably
>is correct.
Hmm, now I need a third opinion.

>The channels allow us to override their assumptions -- if the SAVE function
>added ",p,w", then we couldn't change it.
>Channel    Assumption
>-------    ----------
>   0         ",p,r"
>   1         ",p,w"
>  2-14        ",r"  (any file-type)
>We can give the BASIC command:
>    save "0:program,u",8
>The program on the disk will be marked as USR.  A standard LOAD of that
>file will be rejected.  But,
>    load "0:program,u",8
>will be accepted!
But, it doesn;t seem to be completely able to be overridden.  I tried 
open 1,8,1,"filename,p,r" and it did not read any bytes in (all zeroes, 
as I recall.).

I'll check as soon as I can again on this.  (Had a new baby last night, 
so a bit of a priority inversion...)


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