Re: Where have all the kernals gone?

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2004-06-01 22:29:53

On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 02:54:11PM -0500, Bo Zimmerman wrote:
> I'll host them at  I have tons of them out there anyway, and I
> believe common law protects me.

Oh, you're brave.  I'm not too familiar with the legislation.  Somewhere I
read that in order to sue for copyright infringement in the US, the plaintiff
would have to show that the defendant has caused financial damage.  But I'm
not sure if that is required in Finland.

> Have you added any new ones in the last year or so?  I have a private mirror
> of funet I could draw from if not, which saves us bandwidth.

Well, I suggest that you bring your copy up to date with rsync, and I provide
you with .tar.gz archives of the removed files (16 MB plus/4 games, 4 MB
VIC-20 software, and the Commodore 64 KERNALs).

I have added a few files every now and then, but there is quite a bit of
material in "incoming" that I haven't come around to evaluating and sorting.

> I also have a 264 kernal, a 264 basic rom, and a new C65 rom (all from
> Jim Brains stuff) I was going to send up as soon as I figured out if they
> were the same as any of the others.

I'd like to archive those if they are different.

I also have a collection of some fastloader images.  I don't think it is right
to distribute JiffyDOS, as it is still available for purchase, but what about
other fastloaders, such as SpeedDOS and DolphinDOS?  Or fastloader cartridges?


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