Re: Server code coming together

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2004-05-27 16:04:20

MagerValp wrote:

>>>>>>"JB" == Jim Brain <> writes:
>JB> As of tonight my C app is able to save files from the 64 onto the
>JB> PC. Loading is a bit trickier, as I need to get the data back in
>JB> some usable fashion, and indicate to the controller that data is
>JB> coming or not (not if an error occurs). Still thinking about that.
>Nice. This might be a good time to shamelessly promote my disk image
>library that I wrote a while back:
>It handles reading and writing to d64, d71, and d81 and is written in
>plain C.

Answer to questions I was just about to ask.  Good.  It should be 
trivial to add that in.  As soon as load file works, I'll add this in 
and also http:// support...  Thanks for writing that.  I wonder if it 
would fit inside the AVR?

Right now, my server code is a big state machine that tracks the AVR 
state machine (IDLE, LISTEN, SECOND, GETNAME, SAVE, IDLE, etc.)  I hope 
to move that code into the AVR as well.


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