RE: cross point switch
Date: 2004-05-20 09:18:12

Hi Jim,

>I'm interested in more information on your idea, though, as I must be 
>misunderstanding it.

I'm not sure its directly related to what you want to do, but originally  I
came up with this for building a "compatible" PS2 keyboard for the C64
(which I think is the opposite of what you might want to do...). In my a
idea, a PIC (or AVR) reads PS2 key board and needs to translate this signal
into something a C64 detects as a key being pressed. The C64 kernal and the
GEOS kernal scan the C64 keyboard outputting from one CIA, and inputing from
the other. So you have it basically right in that A0-A7 are the CIA scan
output, D0-D7 are the CIA scan inputs, and A8-A15 is the character code
output by the PIC as read from the PS2 keyboard. Only single keys presses
are valid, holding multiple keys (non-shift types) is not possible with a
PS2 keyboard due to is n-key rollover protection.

Probably will not work with C64 routines which change the way the board is
scanned, but anything using the kernal or similar technique should work.

- Nick

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