Re: A bit OT: AVR programming

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2004-05-16 08:16:33


A common problem is (for newbies in AVR =) ) that AVRs need a running 
oscillator even for programming their flash. So if you tried to program the 
AVR with no crystal attached to the osc pins, this could be the answer.

Anyway, afaik the Atmel flash programmer utility will detect the 
microcontroller type; this could be a good test to check if the hw is fine. 
Really, the AVR only needs the power supply voltage (something that is easy 
to test), the four wires from the PC parallel port (also pretty easy to 
test, even if there's a bus driver chip in the programmer hw), and the 
crystal to the oscillator pins of the microcontroller (I'd use some 3-4Mhz 
for programming, but probably even 8-10Mhz should be fine). If they're O.K., 
and nothing else hooks pins on the microcontroller, it's pretty supposed to 


Jim Brain írta:
> Well, I have my AVR controller to start building my CBM project.  I have 
> built my programmer.  I have breadboarded my controller.  I have 
> attempted to connect to it.
> No go.
> Anyone else on here using a STK200 or parallel port dongle type 
> programmer I could ship mine too to test?  I have IEC code I want to 
> test, but no go on programming.
> Jim

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