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Date: 2004-04-17 04:19:30

>soz its late but u can move the drive else where eg 11 and move the 
>9 floppy to 8 etc.
><> thanks 
>to the guy how made this page
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>Hallo Ray,
>>  I am trying to turn off/disable the internal drive on a C128D
>>  - is there a trick for doing that documented someplace?
>What about disconnecting the little cable between the mainboard and 
>the one of the floppy?

I got the following tip from Toon at warmerby the lake dot com - and 
that is what I did:


         Added notes for the 1571D (drive inside the C128DCR): 
     The socketed DOS ROM in the 128DCR is under the drive mechanism on the
motherboard at location U102. It's different than the one in the stand-alone
1571 and therefore should not be interchanged.
     If there is a problem with the drive in the C128DCR, you may get
"dumped" into the built-in monitor at boot time (when it tries to autoboot).
If that happens, the screen will show something like: U1:13 0 01 00. If you
are having problems with internal drive access, as a diagnostic, or to use
an external drive as device 8, you can disable the internal drive by
disconnecting the ATN line, pin 1 of IC U113 (74LS14). That will make the
internal drive "invisible" to the computer. That chip is under the drive
near the right front edge of the computer. If you cut the IC pin, leave
enough so that you can solder it back if necessary (cut it close to the

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