Re: Interesting code I need help with

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2004-04-15 05:49:40

I see now the algorithm, but can;t seem to grok the a001

Even stranger, when the code preps to send the chsum, it takes each byte 
and send the hi nybble | 01 then 40 | low nybble.  So, 823e becomes 81 
42 31 4e. 

In the recv code, it lsrs the incoming byte, and it carry set, it knows 
it is a high hybble (81 is a hi nybble, 42 is not).  But, that means the 
CRC code must only generate a 16 bit number with the low bit of both 
bytes off.  So XXXXXXX0YYYYYYY0.  Very strange.


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