Re: HP bus commands

From: ken ross (
Date: 2004-04-13 01:12:24

>I'm thinking that it should be possible to brute-force bus commands by
>the PIA such that it simulates sending data with ATN low. It could probably
>cheat some steps too, like using a timing loop rather than looking for proper
>bus hand shakes, etc. There are only a few bus commands I need to send, mostly
>to release control of the instrument front panel.

it sounds a lot like a driver i wrote for a panasonic daisywheel printer
that i drove from the user port.
i found the info in the 'pet revealed'  by nick hampshire ~ not got my copy
handy  but i'm fairly certain it has a section covering looking at IEEE-488
bus commands  that might be worth looking at ?.

now someone will step forward & tell me i'm wrong !


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