C64 Cartridge PCBs

From: Scott Julian (Scott.Julian_at_alphaworks.com.au)
Date: 2004-03-27 12:47:47

Hi All,

Just an update on the production of some blank 8K cartridge boards for the C64. I've finally received my first production run and have a few left over if anyone is interested. Full details can be found at www.alphaworks.com.au under the store link.

This cartridge PCB has been deigned to hold a 28 pin 2764 (series) EPROM. It maps the 8k at $8000-$9FFF and connects to the C64 expansion port bus:
  a.. Fits into a standard Commodore Cartridge Case 
  b.. All contacts on the edge connector are present 
  c.. Easy to wire Reset Switch 

Cartridge Board Details

- Fibreglass FR4 .062" thick, 1 oz. copper.
- Hole Through Plating
- Electrolytic gold flashed
- Gold plated Fingers
- White Component overlay
- Solder masking: Green Liquid Photoimageable Ink (LPI)

Scott Julian

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