RE: VIC 20 networking

From: Davison, Lee (
Date: 2004-03-10 09:27:50

>> The idea was to simulate, as closely as I can, many unsynchronised
>> requests from many places.

> But are the requests unsynchronised enough?

Yup, you could see the pings drifting in and out of sync by the varying
reply time.

> You would have to run it very long in order to get enough clock drift
> between the ping clients, to make the requests arrive close to each
> other.

PC clocks aren't that good, you could easily see the effect of drift
over just a few minutes.

> BTW, couldn't you get a better stress test by modifying the TCP/IP
> stack on the sender, to send multiple ICMP echo request packets in
> a row?

Too much like hard work. 8^)=

> Flood ping would measure a different thing: throughput. I'd be
> interested in the results. .. It'd be interesting to see how much
> the Vic-20 can manage using no DMA.

I may try it today.


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