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Date: 2004-02-23 17:50:39

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>> While I'm about it, has anyone ever networked a VIC-20
>> before?  I don't mean SLIP or PPP through a serial-port.
>> I mean ethernet or similar.
>> Am I really first?

> In these modern times, probably yes.  But, in the entire
> history of the VIC-20, no.

I realise Vic 20s have been connected together before but
not to generic networks, it's always been to like machines.

> A long time ago [in a galaxy far away ;-)], Commodore sold a classroom
> network for the C64.  Students' computers were connected to the teacher's
> file-server through disk-drive cables.

> Does anybody remember the details of that product?

I have a similar network for PETs called MUPET, it allows multiple
machines to connect to shared drives and printers over the IEEE


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