Re: Commodore fonts?

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2004-02-18 22:55:48

On Wed, Feb 18, 2004 at 05:36:56PM +0100, Anders Carlsson wrote:
> On this page, you can upload a sample image of a font and get it
> analysed and compared to the fonts they have:
> I tried their service with this picture:
> "commodore" is a Microgramma or Eurostile font, while "COMPUTER"
> is a Futura font (available from Adobe or Agfa).

Thanks for the hint.  I shot two pictures, of the labels
"CBM Model 825O dual drive floppy disk" and
"commodore 158I FLOPPY DISK DRIVE" and cleaned them up with The GIMP
before submitting them to this resource.  It reported 7 matches,
which I was unable to tell apart:

- Eurostile Bold Extended #2 (Linotype, Agfa-Monotype)
+ Microgramma D Bold Extended (URW++)
+ Eurostile T Black Extended (URW++)
- Microgramma Bold Extend (Linotype)
- Microgramma EF Bold Extended (Elsner+Flake)
+ Square 721 Bold Extended (Bitstream)

Those marked with '+' were the only good matches reported for "floppy disk".

The "FLOPPY DISK DRIVE" on the 1581 label is in a lighter variant of the
above typefaces:

Square 721 Extended (Bitstream)
Microgramma Medium Extended (Linotype)
Microgramma EF Medium Extended (Elsner+Flake)
Microgramma D Medium Extended (URW++)
Eurostile Extended #2 (Linotype, Agra-Monotype)
Eurostile T Regular Extended (URW++)

The spacing in the text "CBM" on the 8250 could be a good discriminator.
You can try

and similar queries to find the best match.

BTW, I've collected Commodore bitmap fonts at  As far as I know,
no copyright can be claimed on bitmapped font glyphs.  Scalable fonts
are different, as their glyphs are produced by a kind of computer programs.


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