VIC 20 web server - update

From: Davison, Lee (
Date: 2004-02-07 14:07:44

So it didn't work first time and I couldn't figure it so I
borrowed a logic analyser to fault find and that didn't work
properly so I took the lid off and it has a 6502 inside so
I've been a bit distracted. 8^)=

(If anyone on the list has a Thandar Thurlby LA-160, or the
destruction manual, please get in touch)

Status now is I (seem) to have a reliable ISA card port,
there were some timing issues that I wouldn't have expected
from a 1MHz machine driving a 4.77MHz (min) bus. The really
good news is it will talk to other 8 and 16 bit cards.
(only those 16 bit cards that support 8 bit I/O accesses)

The software works under WinVice, at least as far as you'd
expect, but on my Vic the damn machine keeps falling over
if I enable the RESTORE key interrupt (which I want for test
purposes). Is this a known problem? I think I'm overflowing
the stack due to multiple NMIs (from a possibly flakey RESTORE
key) but am just guessing at this stage.

Full description, pictures, diagrams, source etc will be posted
on my site when it's done (16 new pages written but not posted
so far, probably more before it's done).

Next project I think will be a logic analyser. 8^)=


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