Re: Amiga serial port programming question

From: Luca Di Pasquale (
Date: 2004-01-23 23:49:48

Hi Marko,

did you try to query the serial device using SDCMD_QUERY? Not sure if this
is what you want: maybe you can show us a piece of code?

I would be glad to help more, I have a huge number of Amiga's at home, and
programmed a lot on AmigaOS, but no C2N232 adapters at all...

BTW, why should this be OT here? Amiga was made from CBM as well! :-)


> - On AmigaOS, I haven't figured out a solution.  When a CMD_READ
>   operation is aborted, the field io_Actual reports the number of bytes
>   read so far.  However, with CMD_WRITE, no matter if I do AbortIO and
>   WaitIO, or CheckIO, or nothing, the field remains zero.  Is there a
>   solution?  I tried Google, but didn't find any applicable code.

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