Re: Dead PET

From: Brian Ketterling (
Date: 2004-01-22 02:23:39

>From: "Ian West" <>
> >If nothing pans out in the computer itself, check the [monitor]...
>(...I'm not exactly good at
>electrical stuff, and I'm much happier poking around the mainboard with a
>multimeter than the CRT stuff, especially when powered up...

Yes, a dead 555 (56?) would be a much happier situation, but --

You could take it to a local TV repair shop.  I'm not sure, but weren't PET 
monitors modified Zenith TVs?  A 70's Zenith TV would be right up their 
alley -- the guy working there probably cut his teeth on the family console 
as a teenager :) .

>...Schematics with
>10kV written on make me very nervous)

You have a schematic?  BONUS!  Take it along to the shop :) .

BTW, that 10 kV comes out of one of those voltage multipliers mentioned here 
lately.  Odd coincidence.

-- Brian

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