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Date: 2004-01-21 08:38:10

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From: Brian Ketterling
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Subject: RE: Dead PET

>If nothing pans out in the computer itself, check the voltages in the
>monitor.  If they seem OK, look for bad electrolytics.  One particular
>to look might be electrolytics associated with the pincushion amplifier.
>Also high-voltage and non-polarised units.

>-- Brian

Thanks - I'll still concentrate on the timer circuit first, since I'm fairly
sure the PET is never going to work properly till that's fixed, and also
because it seems plausible that that could be the cause of the display
problem, unless anyone knows better.  (Also, I'm not exactly good at
electrical stuff, and I'm much happier poking around the mainboard with a
multimeter than the CRT stuff, especially when powered up.  Schematics with
10kV written on make me very nervous)  But I'll look specifically at the
things you mention if the timer repair doesn't bring it to life again.


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