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Date: 2004-01-20 20:02:58

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>> I also managed to break a pin off one of the ROMs ...

>Where was it situated? The bottom three places in the row are reserved for
expansion. So removing them won't hurt the system.

It was UD5.  The two to the right of it (UD4,UD3) were already empty.  When
you say the bottom 3, are these the ones you mean?  There's also a UD2 at
the very end of the row, but unlike all the others, that one isn't socketed,
so it might not be a ROM at all.

>> Thaks for that, though it only seems to have the 3000 series
>> main board schematic, and not the video board one.

>Video board ??? The video is integrated on the mainboard! But it is
>possible that you have an add-on 80 columns videoboard. Take it of and use
>the original video for the moment.

Sorry, when I say "video board" I'm probably using the wrong terminology and
causing confusion here.  I meant the (analogue?) board that sits in the
monitor housing under the CRT itself.  Whatever its name is, I don't think
there's much chance of the display working without it ;)


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