RE: My own PS problems..
Date: 2004-01-19 00:35:11

One small addition: let me clarify some terminology we used in this thread:
Inverter: basically transforms one AC or DC voltage, into another AC voltage
of same or different frequency. Therefore, AC-AC or DC-AC. Inverters are
often used in cars, to produce 220V AC from battery power.
Converter: DC to DC or AC to DC (switched). The PSU in the PC and many
other devices are actually converters. Most of the time people simply
call them switched-mode power supplies or switching power supplies.
Rectifiers: AC to DC without voltage reduction. If you look at the schematics
I've sent, the bridge (4 diodes) plus the first big electrolite capacitor
form a rectifier. Obviously, it's pretty simple to make rectifiers. 
Disclaimer: this terminology might have changed recently to reflect other devices,
in which case I apologize.  Of course, power diodes are also called rectifiers.
Voltage multipliers: they create high DC voltage from an AC source. Someone posted
a simple schematic for a one-stage voltage multiplier in this thread. The cascade
in TVs and monitors are realized with voltage multipliers. Used also in lasers,
air ionizers etc. Here's a typical voltage multiplier schematic:



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