Fwd: Re: C12D Turning off the internal floppy

From: Raymond C. Bryan (raycomp_at_visi.com)
Date: 2004-01-18 05:04:52

>Ray Bryan wrote:
>>I am trying to turn off/disable the internal drive on a C128D - is there a
>>trick for doing that documented someplace?
>>Sine Cera,
>Tod D. Ihde replied - if anyone else is interested.
>         Added notes for the 1571D (drive inside the C128DCR): 
>     The socketed DOS ROM in the 128DCR is under the drive mechanism on the
>motherboard at location U102. It's different than the one in the stand-alone
>1571 and therefore should not be interchanged.
>     If there is a problem with the drive in the C128DCR, you may get
>"dumped" into the built-in monitor at boot time (when it tries to autoboot).
>If that happens, the screen will show something like: U1:13 0 01 00. If you
>are having problems with internal drive access, as a diagnostic, or to use
>an external drive as device 8, you can disable the internal drive by
>disconnecting the ATN line, pin 1 of IC U113 (74LS14). That will make the
>internal drive "invisible" to the computer. That chip is under the drive
>near the right front edge of the computer. If you cut the IC pin, leave
>enough so that you can solder it back if necessary (cut it close to the

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