Re: weird cables question

From: Groepaz (
Date: 2004-01-16 06:57:27

On Friday 16 January 2004 06:23, William Levak wrote:
> Looking at the schematics, it appears that the 5V line is not needed at
> all.  The joystick contacts connect their respective lines to ground.  It
> should be safe to connect the grounds together, especially if both
> computers are connected to the same outlet.  The 5V is only TTL
> level 5V.  Connecting the 5V levels of two computers together might
> still be a problem.  A 10K resistor on each line between the two computers
> should be enough to limit current flow for the slight mismatch in the 5V
> levels of the two computers, while still alowing them to be pulled close
> enough to ground to register as a TTL level change.
> The two pot lines are connected to the SID chip.  Connecting those
> together may not produce anything usefull.

mmmh i see another problem here... if you connect two c64's using some
cable that doesnt contain resistors to limit the current, its really
easy to kill their cia's when you arent extra careful and dont make
sure that not accidently two c64s are programmed to use the respective
lines as output. mmmh.


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