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Date: 2004-01-11 11:57:40

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> right? First question that pops to mind: why didn't CBM simply make a PSU
> that contains a transformer and nothing more, which would give 9V AC, and
> then the rectification and regulation (to obtain 5V DC) would be done
> the C-64 ? Just look at how the C-16/C-116 is done. (actualy, there the

Probably it was for heat problems: the very first VIC 20s had a 9Vac power
supply and the 5Vcc were generated inside the computer, but then a big part
of the motherboard was covered with an heatsink, and components may get very
hot I think! Instead, the external power supply, thanks to the epoxy, should
dissipate heat in a better way.
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