Re2: 8000 series HTML reader

From: ken ross (
Date: 2003-12-30 22:06:45

>> This is the first public version of my latest effort for the 8000
>> series ~ an offline HTML reader...
>> The file isn't loaded into memory but just read from disk so in
>> theory you could use an HTML that fills an entire 8250 disk
>Or a D9090 disk?  :-)

the largest file i tried it with did fill a 4040 disk ~ i forgot to time
how long it took  as i did in stages .

anyone wanting to donate me a nice working 9090 for testing Mr Dicks
question !.

i think you'd have to make a  space bar holder down  to test it with a file
that size  while making cups of tea  ~ or organize a relay team .
~ hey ~ i've just invented  a new reality tv show !


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