8000 series HTML reader

From: ken ross (ken.ross1_at_virgin.net)
Date: 2003-12-30 12:38:11


This is the first public version of my latest effort for the 8000 series ~
an offline HTML reader , so now you can get your favourite online journal
onto a CBM floppy and read it at your leisure on your 8000 !

FIREBALL XL7 will look for any file called   index.htm   or  index.html  on
drive 0 on device 8 upon start up ~ if it can't it asks you which file you
want to start with
The files have to be in standard ASCII instead of PETSCII but the display
then by holding down the space bar it'll scroll through the HTML file.
Links to suitable local files are put into a simple menu list that's
presented at the end of the file to choose the next one to be looked at.

HTML tags it knows about

<B> BOLD  tags are displayed in reverse video
<IMG SRC=  ALT="..... labels are shown
it'll have a go at <TABLE's ~ very simple ones may look all right
<HR> ~ a nice simple line across the screen ~ easy
the line break <BR >  tag translates to chr$(13)
It'll also deal with a few other tags and ignore the ones it can't deal with.

The file isn't loaded into memory but just read from disk so in theory you
could use an HTML that fills an entire 8250 disk
The scrolling is just downward through the file ~ reverse scrolling is
planned at some point in future
Fireball XL7 uses BASIC 4 disk commands so it may not work on machines
using BASIC 2
It's now ready for download with on this page
with a link to the ZIP'd PRG file ,FIREBALL-XL7


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