From: Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) (
Date: 2003-12-15 11:01:27

Hallo Olaf,

> ... (and in which stand),

Sinclair-GG of course, in what other stand could I be found? :)

HAllo allemaal,

Last evening I managed to open the I found out that you have take
out the keyboard first, remove two screws and then lift the back of the
machine using a screwdriver to unclick it.

Inside were not may parts. The CPU is the Elan SC400-66 <
The ROM package was made out of 4 27C3202's. You looking for 273202 Google
returned only 3 sites with no substantial data. An interesting thing was
that there was a 40 pins connector abouard. My guess is that this maybe is
an IDE-connector. But I simply had not enough time to check which pins were
GND to confirm this idea.
A SDRAM-module, the ones you can find in laptops, was used for RAM. There
should also be flashram onboard but I lost the note with the code of it.
Very unfamiliar code anyway.

Then a small suprise. After assembling it again I powered it up to check if
everything still worked fine. To my big suprise it started to boot from UK
DOS 6.20 floppy that was still on the drive. This was someting it never had
done before. I was able to run an aold Norton SI that was on the floppy
which said 16 MB of RAM, 4 serial and 1 parallel port. Videomemory starting
at segment $B800.
But then the floppy started to give read errors. So I formated another one
with W98. This one booted fine as well and I started Landmark2. It said the was 40 times faster then a 6 MHz AT but then immediatly crashed after
the first measurement. So I tried to start Speedcom, another benchmark, but
that one made the hang up completely. So I dis- en reconnected the
power and.... the refused to boot from the floppy :( I tried pushing
buttons etc. but with no result.

The only thing I can think of for the above behaviour is the fact that took
the little board containing the 27C3202's from the mobo to have a better
look at them. What if it aren't the ROM's I mentioned above? If not, where
are the ROM's then?

Back to work again. Any comment, info or questions is welcome.

   / __|__
  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
  \ \__|_\
   \___|        <> <


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