Re: Assemblers for the 65816 processor

From: Brian Ketterling (
Date: 2003-12-02 02:51:30

Hi --

>From: "Nathan Smith" <>
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>From: <>
> > ...SuperRAM (?) or just 4 to 16MB of contigenous RAM available to 65816
> > processor. I have never understood if there was anything "Super"
>about the
> > SuperRAM...
>As far as I can tell, it's just a name thing, SuperCPU so it uses
>SuperRAM. It's only RAM.


>From: David Wood <>
>SuperRAM is a term used to differentiate the ram natively and directly
>accessible by the SCPU's 65816 from other RAM types.  I.E. RL ram, REU
>memory, onboard ram, etc.

I think the deal is that the RAMLink uses a "RAMboard", so to differentiate 
the SuperCPU uses a "SuperRAMboard", which therefore holds "SuperRAM" (c) 
(R) tm .

CMD liked big, chunky logos on everything ;-) .

By the way, I have a question about SCPU RAM that Maurice Randall couldn't 
help me with.  There's that page of "user" RAM in the $Dxxx(?) area, which I 
thought might be handy for an alternative zero page or something.  However, 
CMD advised that if you want to write to it, which requires enabling the 
hardware registers, you should do so and then slam the lid shut again as 
fast as possible.  If your program doesn't write to the shadow registers, 
why is this necessary?  It *seems* overly cautious.

Also, if I may say... that little booklet that comes with the SCPU is pretty 
pathetic.  The SCPU could REALLY use a P.R.G., I think.

-- Brian

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