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Date: 2003-11-07 02:51:46

> I think there's a document on some C= site that straightens out and details 
> the whole story, but in general it's true.  If I recall correctly, the gist 
> of it is that while working at Motorola, they wanted to "do" a PDP-8 on a 
> chip, which became the 6800.  In the meantime, the PDP-11 had come out.  
> They worked on a microprocessor version of that, but Motorola wasn't 
> interested in developing it (we've got ONE microprocessor -- how many do you 
> need?), so they left and started MOS.  Their "PDP-11" work became the 6501, 
> but because they'd worked on it at Motorola, the company considered it their 
> intellectual property and sent their lawyers after MOS.  MOS agreed not to 
> market the 6501, and developed a variation, the 6502.  -- Apologies for any 
> details I've screwed up (it's been some time since I read about this), but I 
> think that's pretty much the story, and in fact the 6800 and 6502 were done 
> by the same people.  Presumably they didn't entirely scrap their earlier 
> work, and carried a lot of the design over to the 6502.

AFAIK, though, Motorola still sued them anyway, which led to Commodore's
acquisition of the company.

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